Cooking With Canola Releases More Toxic Cancer-Causing Chemicals Than Any Other Type of Oil !!!

April 5, 2017 Plan Live 0

We all know that the olive oil comes from olive, the peanut oil comes from peanuts and the coconut oil comes from coconuts! But, do you know where canola oil comes from? Well, if your answer is no, then you should definitely read the article below, because the experts have discovered that cooking with this type of oil releases more toxic cancer-cancer causing chemicals, than any other type of oil! But first, let me answer that question for you – the canola oil comes from rapeseed.

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer !!!

March 2, 2017 Plan Live 0

Alkaline water has been the subject of much debate lately. According to nutritionists, it’s extremely beneficial for removing toxins from your body, improving metabolism and preventing cancer onset.