The Simple Psychological Trick That’ll Keep You Coming Back to the Gym !!!

The benefits of great workout is burst of energy and loads of feel-good endorphins, but it is followed by a proper cool-down.

In this busy, fast-paced, and high-stress world, and our tight schedules sometimes we can barely find time for a workout, let alone for a cool-down!

In reality, a cool-down is imperative for our bodies and our brains. Caroline Jordan , a well-known trainer from San Francisco believes that cool-down is “vital” and “just as important as your workout.”

A sudden stop in physical activity without a cool down can pool blood, shock muscles, drop your blood pressure suddenly, and leave you feeling dizzy .And we will all agree that it’s not a great way to end a great workout, right?

Leaving the gym without cooling down can leave us in a bad mental state.

In a sweat sesh, the body releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and without the cool-down, we’ll have a hard time properly returning to a balanced, relaxed state.

“Having a great workout, without the cool-down, can make us feel more anxious, stressed, or on edge throughout all day,” said Jordan. And feeling stressed after won’t leave us very likely desire to return.

By skipping cool-down we can get in the way of our weight-loss goals. Jordan reminded us that “excess cortisol in your body slows your metabolism, hurts your weight goals, and keeps you up at night, in addition to many other negative side effects.”

Don’t skip stretches, Savasana, or foam rolling: cool down, work off the cortisol, and keep feeling good after workouts .This is the only way to keep the enthusiasm and continue to love the gym.

Live healthy and plain live …


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