Press These Points On Your Palm and Wait – The Results Will Amazed You!

Did you know that you can relieve pain by pressing some points on your palm and that each of these points is connected to a certain organ and emotion.

Press and you will successfully treat different health issues.

In order to alleviate pain and many health issues press a point on your palm for 3 to 5 seconds and breathe slowly.


  • press  to relieve headaches, stomach pain, stress, and skin issues.

Thumb base

-press and solve all the issue related to the respiratory system .

Index Finger

  • press to  alleviate heartburn, muscle pain, toothaches, and back issues.

Middle Finger

  • pressing this point will help you with temper issues, indecisiveness, and mood
  • it will also improve your eyesight,  blood circulation, and menstrual cramps.

Ring Finger

  • press to improve colon and lung function
  • press if you have respiratory issues, asthma, skin problems, and digestive conditions.

Pinky Finger

  • press to increase your confidence when you feel nervous, insecure, or worried
  • press to  treat bone issues, stomach bloating, throat pain, and various heart issues.

Palm Center

  • press to alleviate any digestive issues and stomach pain or cramps.

Palm Fleshy Part

  • press to improve  the function of the heart and endocrine.

Palm Exterior

  • press the point on the exterior of the palm to  control or reduce high sugar levels in the blood.


Stay beautiful and healthy !


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