Never Trust a Fake Friend Who Does These 6 Things

Fake friends is a person who is never around when you need him and they try to use you in every situation. They will  drain your  energy and use you without thinking .

6 things that are clear signs you are dealing with a fake friend:

1.An opportunist

  • this friend will promise you that they will spend time
  • he will  plan the details and when the time comes he cancels  or never appear
  • they don’t appreciate your time and your company.

2.Only talks about himself/herself

Fake people are narcissistic, and everything they say will be about them. Even if you are talking about something you are proud of, they will find a way to make it about themselves.

3.Constantly leans on you for emotional support

  • they will call you when they have no other option because they know you will not reject them
  • they know that you will always  waste your time on them
  • their only goal is to use you .


  • have something bad to say about almost everyone
  • gossiping is bad and it tells you more about the person who spreads it
  • avoid this kind of person .

5.Mocks you and compliments you at the same time

  • make jokes when compliment you
  • they want to mock you in front of other people
  • want you around in their life
  • a manipulative technique that you must  avoid .

6.Makes you choose them over your friends

  • hey are  narcissistic and self-centered,
  • they will try to make you their servant
  • they will try to make you available for them all the time.


Live healthy and plain live …


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