You Must Have This Plants Are Oxygen Bombs !!!

Plants are the foundation of all life on Earth and a key asset for human prosperity. Simply consider how your regular life relies on upon plants.

Plants we develop in our homes are responsible for more oxygen as well as having the capacity to purify the atmosphere of mold and toxins.

In this way, it is less inclined to breathe them in, which is absolutely useful for our well-being.

A study done on homegrown plants, directed by NASA, has found that some of these plants have the “power” to purify the air we inhale and additionally evacuate some organic compounds that dissipate better than others.

These plants also purify the air from various building materials, paint, dust etc.

In the next few paragraphs we will show you the must-have plants in your home.

We will reveal the 6 most effective air-purifying plants, that you need to have in your home:

– Peace lilies (“Mauna Loa” Spathiphyllum) – This amazing herb eliminates toxins and chemicals from the air, as well as trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.

– Ficus (FicusElastica) – This awesome plant is very easy to maintain because of the fact that it does not need a lot of light. Ficus is extremely effective for cleansing the air of formaldehyde. However, make sure to be careful with it if you have pets or small children because this plant’s leaves can be poisonous.

– Aloe – This plant is great because it can raise oxygen level in the home. It also absorbs carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde. Just one aloe plant can easily achieve what 9 biological air purifiers can.

– Spider plant (ChlorophytumComosum) – The spider plant does not need a great amount of light to start making photosynthesis.It additionally amazingly retains poisons present in the atmosphere, for example, styrene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde as well as gasoline. One spider plant can successfully refine the air in roughly 200 square meters of space.

– Ivy (Hedera Helix) – This plant should be present in every home. Ivy is able to remove up to 60% of the toxins present the air and up to 58% of feces particles within 6 hours from the moment it is brought in the area.

– Snake plant (SansevieriaTrifasciata “Laurentii”) – The snake plant is simply indestructible, as it is very resistant. It requires very little light to make photosynthesis, releases oxygen during the night and gets rid of toxins in the air.

It is recommended by NASA to have at least 15 to 20 plants in 500 square meters area, meaning that 3 to 4 plants would have the best effect in 80 square meter area.

Also placing one of these plants in the bedroom would be a good idea because you are probably spending some time there.

Keep it natural !!!


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