Ignoring Her is Teaching Her To Live Without You

If you want a woman to want you, you must be prepared to play hard to get! You have to act severely and act disrespectfully so that you will keep her wanting more.

This piece of advice has been around since dating itself, and  what you need to do is to do the things the other way around.

Simply think of it! Give it some meaning though!

If you are in love with a lady and if you really care about her, why would you ignore her or treat her like dirt in the very first place? Another old suggestions which advises against being too direct;if you think of it, why wouldn’t  you be open about your real sensations and objectives?

The truth always finds its way and comes out ultimately. And as the old stating goes, “the truth will set you free.”

Ignoring Her is Teaching Her To Live Without You

It is better for all individuals included if all realities are exposed from the start. You will grow closer to your partner as time goes by … the relationship will be  established  however you will grow closer to growing together.
Put  your phone away when you are together and rather of texting her about specific concerns or awkwardness, attempt to spend more time with her and fill those minutes of awkwardness. This way you will  get rid of those undesirable and uncomfortable emotions, instead .

If  you are not genuinely present, she will  lose the interest and the have to be with you and stay in your existence. This does make sense, as overlooking her only teaches her to live without you!

Tips on Ways to Grow Together

1. Assess Your Experiences –  helps you gain from your mistakes and prevent you from duplicating them in the future.

2. Communicate in Each Other’s Language – communicating in each other’s language is the crucial to any healthy relationship.

3. Share What You Learn –  discuss your ideas, discuss your goals to  grow closer and keep your bond strong!

4. Plan Adventures Together – you don’t need a lot of loan, only a desire to grow closer and the enthusiasm to reach brand-new realms.

5. Laugh Together – humor and laugh are the best way to minimize tension and break this stress.

6. See the Relationship as Multi-dimensional – embracing the differences and awkwardness will assist you reinforce and improve your relationship and each other at the same time.


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