DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas for Happy Holiday Time

Holidays are coming and we need to prepare our homes to enchant the Christmas spirit

Here are some ideas how to make it without spending a fortune :

1.Craft Your Own “Tree”
With a help of  yarn you can make one beautiful  mini version of a Christmas tree  on an empty wall or in a hallway.


2.Deck the Walls
Instead of putting the gifts under the tree use your  bookshelf!

This way you will  unify the look, also make sure that the wrap is  craft paper that looks good in your room and this way you will save the money and still have full shelf.


Prepare an Advent Calendar
A fun way to make your kids to stay patient until holidays is to   paint or draw on muslin craft bags and  fill them with goodies or do-good tasks to complete.


Whip Up a Centerpiece
A bowl of treats sounds in holidays colors and ribbon around  makes amazing and sweet central piece .


Repurpose Wine Bottles
Raid the recycling bin by replacing  the labels  and you can do wonders.


Plant with Santa
Santa Claus mugs  old or new big or small will dress your plants in holidays look ,simple and cheap way to display potted plants.


Dangle Treats
Hook the peppermints on loops of polka-dot ribbon for added charm and to keep them safe from sweet lovers in your family.


Napkin folding :

Here is a step by step tutorial to help you do it …


Make your ornaments :

Easy and original idea for door ornament .


Greeting cards to say Thank You to your love ones is are the best when they are handmade with love .


And we are ready to celebrate…


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