Definitely Avoid These 20 Foods If You Are Diabetic

Diabetics should follow a diet  and consume  foods that regulate blood sugar and to stay away from the following 20 foods:

1. White rice, bread, and flour:

  • These low-quality carbohydrates interfere with the blood glucose levels
  • consume whole grains ( brown rice, oats, and barley)

2. Dry fruits:

  • avoid dry foods  because  the sugars in them are more concentrated as they are dehydrated
  • replace them with grapefruit and strawberries.

3. Alcohol:

  • that interferes with blood glucose levels
  • avoid it completely.

4. Processed meat:

  • has rich content of sodium that  increases the risk of heart attack or stroke if you suffer from  type 2 diabetes.
  • consume meats that a low in sodium
  • avoid toppings, or use the ones that don’t have a lot of carbs and fats
  • use cucumbers, spinach, and mustard for your sandwiches.

5. Fried Foods:

  • fried foods are not healthy for us
  • avoid French fries, fried chicken, potato chips, and other deep fried foods
  • some oil are used while preparing these foods, meaning that you will consume more calories
  • restaurants use hydrogenated oils with high trans fats
  • people with diabetes should always take care of the amount of trans fats.

6. Full-Fat Dairy:

  • this products contain saturated fats
  • they can increase the bad cholesterol (LDL)  and  the risk of heart disease.
  • if you have diabetes you should  avoid  cream, full-fat yogurt, ice-cream, and cream cheese
  • saturated fat increase the resistance to insulin
  • use low-fat or fat-free dairy products!

7. Breakfast cakes:

  • all types of things eaten for breakfast( muffins, cakes, cinnamon rolls or donuts ) are full of trans-fats and sodium and trans fats
  • consume the ones without sugar and fat
  • you can prepare them at home.

8. Nachos:

  • contain plenty of calories
  • 59 grams of fat
  • 830 calories
  • 39 of carbohydrates
  • diabetics need to avoid them.

9. Bananas and melons:

  • contain the most sugar,
  • avoid them if you don’t want to increase your levels of sugar
  • peaches contain plenty of sugar.

10. Fruit juice:

  • contain healthy carbohydrates
  • contain plenty of fiber
  • are the best option for diabetics
  • fruit juices  are more nutritious than soda
  • contain concentrated sugar which can increase your sugar levels.

11. Thick cuts of meat:

  • avoid fatty meats
  • contain plenty of saturated fats
  • increase cholesterol and cause inflammation throughout the body
  • increase the risk of heart disease
  • change it for fish, skinless chicken, lean meat, turkey or pork loin.

12. Sugary foods:

  • contain plenty of sugar
  • are with a low nutritional value

13. Chinese Food:

  • foods that come from China are rich in fat, sodium, carbs and  calories
  • make sure to avoid this kind of food as it can make your blood sugar very high.

14. Blended Coffees:

  • are tasty because of their toppings (sugar and fat), whipped cream, syrup, sugar, etc
  • if you want to drink this coffee make sure to take the coffee that is without sugar and use low-fat milk as well.

15. Cereal:

  • Almost every cereal consists of sugar
  • in this way it can obtain that sweeter taste
  • we can found some cereals where they contain some added sugar.

16. Pizza:

  • People love pizza because it is very delicious
  • it is easy to prepare and  has a rich content of calories
  • avoid commercial pizza and try to prepare it at home .

17. Smoothies purchased:

  • they are labeled the healthiest drinks on the market but  they are far from being that  because they have a lot of sugar

18. Energy bars:

  • are dangerous for diabetics
  • reduce their consumption.

19. Hamburger:

  • are full of saturated fats,
  • they elevate cholesterol
  • they are harmful to diabetics.

20. Flavored waters:

  • contains some flavor
  • it is full of sugar,
  • avoid it.


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