Aronia – Powerful Berries that Heal!

Dried or as juice this fruit has a beneficial effect on the body it:
– stimulates circulation,
– relieves migraine,
– reduces blood pressure,
– improves immunity
– prevents the development of numerous infections
– has the name Siberian blueberry because from North America first was grown in Siberia
– it is extremely resistant to low temperatures
-is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
– reduces the risk of many diseases like colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammation
– is rich in antioxidants
– regulates the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and pancreas,
– stimulates wound healing,
– slows aging of the body and skin
– prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and protects against UV radiation
– strengthens the immune system
-is a good food and medicine for children and athletes
– has antiseptic action
– help in treating all chronic disease
– contains the most antioxidants than 277 different kinds of foods
– improves circulation in the blood vessels in the head
– helps with headaches and migraines
– calms spasms and inflammation of the lining of the intestines,
– improves liver and secretion of bile
– has a soothing effect with all inflammatory conditions of the organs of the digestive tract.

Aronia in culinary is:

– mainly used as cold pressed juice or syrup
– one kg. of fresh, undamaged fruit gives 600 milliliters thick juice with dark, almost black color
– it is consumed diluted with water or tea
– in raw form consume it carefully, three times a day, in half or 50 ml glass
– or make a jams
– simply drain the juice
– pulp with seeds and the bark is boiled
– sweeten and gets a tasty jam.

Muffins with aronia

● 375 g flour
● 200 g sugar
● tablespoon baking powder
● tablespoon of baking soda
● 175 g butter
● egg
● yolk
● 1.5 dl milk
● lemon peel
● bag of vanilla sugar
● 100 g Aronia
● 100 g white chocolate


– mix flour with sugar, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla sugar
– add the butter
– stir until the mixture is well merged
– in another bowl mix the milk, eggs and lemon zest
– in bowl with flour add the berries and finely chopped chocolate
– add and mix everything
– pour into paper bags
– bake it 25 to 30 minutes at 200 degrees °C
– enjoy .


Stay happy and amazing …


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