An Aluminum Foil Ball… It’s Amazing What You Can Do With It!

Aluminum foil is mostly used for wrapping food,or leftovers before putting them in the fridge. Uses of silver foil go far beyond the kitchen.

Here are some of the best ideas that we highly recommend:

1. Keep freshly baked bread warm and tasty

Aluminum foil will keep your freshly baked bread warm and tasty.

Great for  picnic time or a camping trip.

Wrap the bread in some paper napkins to absorb the moisture and then in aluminum foil.

This will  reflect the heat back into the bread and keep it fresh and warn longer.

2. Sharpen your old scissors

Instead of tossing  old scissors just grab aluminum foil, fold a strip until you make it very thick and start cutting with the scissors.

Take a piece around 8-10 inches long and fold it lengthwise as many times you can to get  a thick strip.

When you cut with the scissors then the foil is going to grind against the scissors and it will sharpen them with every cut you make.

3. Save time when ironing your clothes

Aluminum foil can significantly reduce the time you spend ironing .

Put  it along the ironing board before you start ironing.Silver foil will reflect the heat and  both sides will end up ironed.

This is a great way to reduce the time you spend ironing by half.

4. Keep pets away from your furniture

Pets  often damage your furniture by biting table legs or chewing on the sofa. You can use some aluminum foil to wrap the table legs or other places you want to keep your pets away from.

Pets don’t like the sound of crinkling aluminum foil so they will stay away from your furniture and you can remove the foil.

5. Keep paints fresh and use them more than once

When  opened a tin of paint, its shelf life becomes shorter because the paint dries out easily and becomes useless before you can use it for the second time.

Aluminum foil can help you with this problem.

Cut out a circle of the foil but make sure it’s the same size as the tin top.

Put the foil piece on top of the paint surface and  blow into the tin to get some oxygen inside .

Now close the lid and you will  extend the shelf life of the paint ,.

6. Moving furniture over a wooden floor

Try  aluminum foil trick if the floor in your house is wooden. When we  move stuff from one place to another in our house we  can prevent the scratching of all the wooden surfaces by placing pieces of aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture.

Furniture will “slide” and it won’t leave any scratch marks on your floor.

7. Improve the picture on your TV

Put  a foil sheet between the DVD player and the TV to decrease the electromagnetic fields from these devices and to  make the picture on the TV much better.

Picture on the TV can sometimes  become unclear because of the static electricity that goes between the two devices but if you put a foil sheet between them  you will have TV with much better picture.

8. Improve the plants’ quality

Use aluminum foil for your house plants.

Fill a pot with some soil then cover the soil with aluminum foil.

Make some holes in the foil and plant the cuttings.

Aluminum foil  minimize water loss so  you won’t have to water the plant so often.

It will improve the quality of your plants and  make them grow stronger.

9. Make your silverware sparkle

Simple trick to restore the sparkle on your tarnished silverware or  your silver jewelry.

Coat a pan with a sheet of silver foil then fill the pan with hot water and then add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda.

Put the silver items in the pan making sure they are in contact with the foil and let them  sit for 5 minutes .

Next,flip it over  and leave the other side to be in contact with the foil for another 5 minutes.

Rinse the silver with cold water and wipe it dry.

10. Restore the shine on your pots and pans

Restore the shine on your stained cookware simply by soaking  the pan that needs cleaning then crumple a sheet of aluminum foil and scrub the pan with it.Your cookware shine like new.

For extra tips watch this amazing video:


Hope you find it useful …


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