Best Ways To Keep Mice & Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Rodents in the home are unpleasant and they can make quite a mess.

Mice create holes in the clothes and bedding ,they even bite electric wires.
Mice visit places with meals stocks, like breadcrumbs, or some other food leftovers, and usually enter homes when the weather is chilly.

Clean the home regularly, also try this strategies to eliminate and keep them at bay:

– disperse several traps on different places in your home.

Ultrasonic mice scavengers
– it emits ultrasonic waves which disperse through your house and keep the rodents at bay
– the sound is annoying to rodents but people and other animals are immune to it
– it’s safe to use.

Rodent glue
– spread a generous amount onto a cardboard
– place it where you believe there are rodents
– mice will stick to it and won’t be able to move
– throw them out and you’re done.

Peppermint oil
– mix it inside the home in the area where you have seen the mice
– mice get away because they cannot keep up with the odor of peppermint.

Hot spice flakes
– distribute them all over the house
– also mix tiny parmesan cheese pieces, that mouse prefers to eat.

Hot pepper flakes
– spread them throughout the house
– also, mix them with tiny cheese pieces that mouse-like to eat
– mice will eat the hot peppers and will never come back.

Hot sauce
– based on the mice’s inability to stand spicy foods
– apply several drops of hot sauce into different areas of your home .

– the most natural solution is to get a cat as a pet
– this predators will hunt down rodents, making sure there are no left in the house.

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